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Skweez The Weezle is an acoustic band that has been proudly carrying on the Celtic music tradition since March 1999 from their base of operations in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), West Richland, Benton City, and Mid-Columbia area of southeastern Washington State.

Their current repertoire includes traditional and original tunes and songs from Highland and Lowland Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton Island, Brittany, Wales, and the USA.
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Founding member David Lanigan plays both Scottish Lowland bagpipes and smallpipes (bellows-blown bagpipes with drones in a common stock), mouth-blown shuttle pipes, and whistles (commonly called tin or penny whistles).

Mike Day plays Irish bodhràn (open-ended frame drum played with a tipper), floor-standing bass drum, electronic bass pedal, and snare cajon (wooden Afro-Celtic drum).
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For the past twenty four years, the band has kept a busy schedule performing throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana at festivals, Highland games, concerts, coffeehouses, wineries, book stores, universities, weddings, receptions, and private parties.

Skweez The Weezle's first CD "A Celtic Band" (sold out) was released in May 2002. Recorded in various places, including the Jacob Room of Sector 7G Studios, the CD has been well received by listeners throughout the world.
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Skweez The Weezle's band history is one of several configurations. It's been our pleasure to perform with several fine musicians through the years. Those former band members and guest musicians have included:

guitarist/vocalist Troy Hanford,
fiddler/guitartist/vocalist Dawn Gordon,
percussionist Denver Greer,
fiddler Carly Bell, and
Irish bouzouki player Glenn Mortensen.
Guest percussionists have been Glenn Wright and James Powers.

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Phone: 1 (509) 528-0131