Check out our online video sets from the 2022 Tumbleweed Music Festival. We played live at the festival too!
Check out our video sets from the South Stage of the 2021 Tumbleweed Music Festival.
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Link on YouTube.
These are three of the tracks submitted (but not used) for an online concert hosted by the Quincy Valley Historical Society & Museum on March 15, 2021.

The other submitted tracks (on video) can be seen in
Season 2 Episode 4 on the Mondays at the Museum YouTube site.
The Price of the Pig / Oft the Stilly Night / Rocking the Baby (6/8 Jigs - All Traditional)
David Lanigan – Shuttle Pipes
Mike Day – Bodhràn and Bass Drum
The Price of the Pig and Rocking the Baby have always been jigs. Oft the Stilly Night was originally a slow air and, in the way of Celtic music, at some time became a jig.
An Dro (An Dro - Traditional)
David Lanigan – C Whistle
Mike Day – Bodhràn and Bass Drum
An Dro is a type of tune in the Celtic part of northwest France, called Brittany. This An Dro has no name, so we call it “An Dro.” David originally learned this on the Scottish Highland pipes to play in concert with Irish traditional music legends The Chieftains while they were on one of their US tours.
Drops of Brandy / The Foxhunters Jig (9/8 Jigs - Both Traditional, Arranged by David Lanigan)
David Lanigan – Shuttle Pipes
Mike Day – Bodhràn and Bass Drum
David learned Drops of Brandy at a “Cauld Wind” (bellows-blown) bagpipe workshop in Seattle, WA in the late 1990’s. Hearing Irish uilleann piper Finbar Fury’s rendition of The Foxhunters Jig on one of his albums from the 1970’s was the start of David’s love of Celtic music.

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