Mike Day has been playing music most of his life. He comes from a family where music was a big part of all get-togethers, and at a young age he was mesmerized by the sounds all the instruments made. Mike started playing guitar at a very young age, but soon found his true passion was for banging on the drums, much to his parents chagrin.

Mike has gone on to play many types of music, from country and rock to blues, all of which have influenced his musical abilities and allowed him to adapt to and play a wide variety of styles.

Mike started playing with Skweez The Weezle in January 2005, and has been introduced to a whole new genre of music and musical instruments, plus a whole new group of friends (one in particular was Bandit the wonder dog). Mike looks forward to continuing his musical education while searching for new percussive things to beat on and learn from.

Mike is happy to be a part of the Skweez The Weezle experience.

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Email: ObscureBandEmail
Phone: 1 (509) 528-0131